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Anna Sierpowska & Witold Dąbrowski

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆/𝐏𝐋 Lowen's bioenergetics - bodywork workshops


“By exploring your personal hell, by descending into the depths of your being with the light of consciousness, hell will be overthrown. It’s the same with repressed feelings: once they are brought into awareness and accepted, they can no longer torment us.” Al. Lowen

Workshop in polish only.

About the workshop “Lowen’s bioenergetics – bodywork workshops”:

From childhood, we learn to cut off pain, despair, rage and fear. What is threatening and difficult for the world we depend on as children. During adult life, we try to regain the ability to evoke a sense of security, love and acceptance for ourselves, and at the same time create supportive relationships. Psychotherapeutic work with the body paves the way to feeling – we do not “have” a body, we are bodies. Grounding, Breathing and Vibration are the three basic principles of Bioenergetics. Deep breath, Grace flowing from free movement and Opening the heart – because only with an open heart can we fully feel life. Work with the body in the Lowenian trend (bioenergetic analysis – both work with the body and the analytical approach to our experiences resulting from history) is the axis aimed at regaining connection with the sense of self-determination – Freedom in feeling – breath, vibration, and connection with the heart. Bioenergetic exercises increase body awareness, develop expression and psychophysical integration.

In our practice, we are guided by the intention of strengthening the capacity for experiencing life and expressing feelings. All this is a long process of regaining one’s freedom to self-determination, to feel according to one’s individual quality. Held back by overwhelming fear, we often remain disconnected from our natural vitality, and this keeps us from feeling – both difficult feelings and what we want in life. what feelings they bring.

Together we run a group work project. We see great value in experiencing your body using the tools of Lowen bioenergetics.

About the speakers:

Anna Sierpowska – Certified Movement Medicine Teacher – practices of conscious movement and
attendance from Yaacova & Susannah Darling Khan School. Bodywork therapist, facilitator of groups in psychotherapy through the body, in the Bioenergetic Analysis Training, accredited by the Florida Society for Bioenergetics Analysis.

Practitioner of body work based on snared techniques, Polynesian bodywork MA-URI, Laban Bartenieff approach, Mindfulness meditation and slow jogging. She conducts transformation ceremonies through movement and touch, music projects and the author of a broadcast in Radiospace – Body Talks. I am a co-author of an innovative position for leaders and people oriented towards a full life – “Resilience – leader’s snowball”.

In her practice, she is guided by the intention of discovering and strengthening the radical acceptance and feeling of the authenticity of life. He directs his work with gratitude and responsibility.

Witold Dąbrowski – In my therapeutic work, I use Alexander Lowen’s method of working with the body. I believe that contact with the body is the key to understanding ourselves, our emotions and internal reality processing processes that we use, consciously or unconsciously, to organize our own world. Feeling the body allows you to return to yourself and find support in the experienced difficulties, find the inner compass that gives direction and meaning to the experienced experiences. It also allows us to recognize the patterns we repeat in our lives. When conducting exercises, I try to be a traveling companion on the way to contact with myself. I am a master of philosophy at the University of Warsaw and a facilitator of the Aleksander Lowen method accredited by the Florida Society Bioenergetics Analysys, in the course of training for an individual psychotherapist. I love working with a group, believing that meeting in a democratic circle is a powerful tool for internal transformation.

Lowen’s bioenergetics refers to the basic functions of the body, such as breathing, motor skills, emotions, and expression. Bioenergetics combines personality and character analysis with techniques of working with the body. Recognizes and releases chronic muscle tension. According to Lowen, each type of fear (abandonment, annihilation, surrender) affects our bodies in characteristic ways.

Anxiety manifests itself when in childhood
five fundamental rights are violated:
– the right to exist
-the right to be safe
-the right to be free
-the right to independence
– the right to reach

Any violation of the law frustrates the child and causes a physical reaction in the body, which he reacts to
later, a defense mechanism can build up like armor. Bioenergetics captures the mental functioning of a human in terms of body and energy. It assumes that the source of depression, loss of identity and neurosis is the suppression of feelings, manifested by chronic muscle tension, blocking the free flow of energy. From childhood, we learn to cut off pain, despair and fear, we also observe how to gain a sense of security, love and acceptance. We don’t “have” bodies, we are bodies. In bioenergetics, touch and pressure are applied to tense muscles during deep breathing, special positions are adopted. Exercises increase body awareness, develop expression and psychophysical integration.

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