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Bodhi Michael and Danni Lovefox

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 The Art of Tantric Dominance - Merging Polarities


About workshops:

1. Touch of the Heart : A journey into compassionate contact

In a world so filled with activity and noise, we sometimes overlook the profound power of a simple touch. This workshop is an invitation to delve into the depths of human connection, exploring the transformative potential of giving touch to others that is rooted in genuine compassion

Through a blend of experiential exercises, reflective discussions, and guided meditative practices, we’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and relational healing that stems right from the heart.

2. Tantric Life

Explore the meaning of what living ife to the fullest mean to you… never quite knowing how much time you have left, only deciding how and who you would like to spend it with!

3. The Art of Tantric Dominance – Merging Polarities

4. Celebrity Circle 

Celebrate your inner celebrity! or is it your inner narcissist? Embody your Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp or anyone else you have always dreamed of being. You decide. Whatever you do you’ll always be loved by your biggest, loudest, most adoring fans!

About hosts:


Alchemist, mystic, pilgrim, coach, guide, facilitator, teacher & healer specialising in conscious masculine and feminine empowerment, embodied shadow work, individuation, & overcoming childhood trauma. Offering individual, couple, & group sessions, on-line and in person, together with events, workshops & retreats worldwide.

Danni Lovefox


I weave the magic of tantra within a trauma-informed guided journey towards embodied erotic expression, offering a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe through the interface that is the body.

​Powered by ongoing training in SOMATICS, BREATH and TRAUMA WORK, my teaching brings you lovingly and compassionately towards greater awareness of the many layers that make up your being – as we explore this gateway that lies deep within the present moment, through which you may fly beyond the everyday… into another realm beyond

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