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Opening Ceremony

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆



The nature that surrounds us pulsates with complex rhythms, and the purpose that these rhythms serve is life” – Ernst H. Gombrich

The Opening Ceremony of the Vibrations Festival is our way of celebrating this meeting, life and the rhythm of nature. Opening festival time we will be together to create the following days.

Ruszamy się, to both w sobie tancerza – inner shaman.

This Inner Shaman shows us how to learn from the power and intelligence of the surrounding natural world.

Man is part of the universe and the laws that govern it. And everything in nature has its time, its rhythm.

With dance we return to our roots, to rhythm, to connection.

Life likes cyclicity – and we resist it. Cyclicity, is the rhythm of change. By agreeing to rhythmicity, we let ourselves be carried away by the natural process of transformation. Activity – rest. Day – night.

Observation of nature and its rhythms stood at the origin of art. Rhythmic dance, monotonous singing, repetition of simple signs – these first forms of artistic expression were characterized by sequentiality.

We have a natural ability, to give rhythm to the heart. Our nature is rhythm, and what strengthens us is cyclicity.

In this ceremony, we entrust the body rytm

It is our way to come back to life

Ceremony puts us in the sacred – invoking openness to meet a force greater than the self, beyond religion with the only truth that concerns us – the living.

Ceremony is a time to nourish the roots of our lives and feed to raise a powerful prayer from this place with a common intention – to return home .

To the combination of feeling the body and respect for the Earth, to consider all the surroundings of nature, to respect the human in every person and animate thing. O evocation wide awareness of life that is in each.

Homecoming is also a concrete aspect of freedom, freedom of expression and expression but is also a concrete look into a world where unrest, war and violence. We are with a prayer for peace. Dynamic Equilibrium is in the intention of this meeting.

We invite you to take your place in this worldwide community where, through great music, simple and clear structure and embodied prayer, we can rise together and awaken a little more to who we are and what we can give to life as a gift from ourselves.

We will work with dynamic body balance, dancing together – as we are guided by the Spirit of this Meeting – the Opening Ceremony of the Vibrations Festival.

Ceremonies and rituals are meant to mark that we have been one thing, and now we are another. We are going through a change – and this ceremony can become a bridge of that transition for you .

“My bible is the body, because the body does not lie. When you let your body dance, the lies and dogmas will immediately fall away from you. Dancing is the medicine.” Gabrielle Roth


Come dressed in white, ceremonially, take lights. The ceremony is a powerful moment – the collective Spirit is set off. Let’s experience it TOGETHER.

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