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Evan Hatfield

Topic: Synths & Sitar & Fire! (Live Looping)


Presenting a live improvised performance from Evan Hatfield, featuring live modular synthesis, sitar and saxophone performance by the virtuoso multi-instrumentalist.

About artist:

Evan is an inspiring discovery in the world of electronic music. He has gained recognition for his energetic live performances where he combines live sitar with synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers to create a truly unique musical journey.

Raised in a musical family, he initially learned to play the piano, saxophone and guitar. Thanks to his grandparents, who brought him a sitar from their travels from India, he fell in love with its sound. Later, under the tutelage of Paul Livingstone in Los Angeles, he immersed himself in electronic music, combining old Indian melodies with contemporary electronic production.

“Music has always been the main driving force in my life and I can’t really envision myself doing anything but music for a living…”

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