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Freya Wolna

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Tantric Flow - "Floating on a Wave of Bliss"/ Dance on the Poles – the Tantric Art of Polarization


About workshop:

Ecstatic Touch – Initiation to Tantric Massage

We invite both singles and couples to discover sensuality and deepen sexuality, fostering love for oneself and one’s partner.

Tantric Massage encompasses the entire body, intertwining various types of touch (liberating, energizing, sensual), eye contact, breath, sound, and body movement. The fusion of energy, awareness, and relaxation in the flow of giving and receiving creates a connection based on consciousness and love between the giver and receiver, building intimacy, pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy.

Tantric massage goes beyond sensuality and relaxation; it is a profound and transformative practice. The key is the attitude towards oneself: respect, honoring, and the ability to work with energy and consciousness to touch the spirit through the body. We create an experience where the body is a temple of the spirit, discovering and honoring the divine in every man and goddess in every woman.

We are manifestations of the spirit on earth in physical bodies, experiencing ourselves through the energetic body. Tantric Massage initiates the physical body, awakening it to the energetic body, restoring us to our nature as divine beings, beings of energy, fire, and light. This initiation is the true purpose of our sexual energy, a desire to connect with something greater and more beautiful than our ego.


Tantric Flow – “Floating on a Wave of Bliss”

Practicing Floating on a Wave of Bliss allows you to overcome your sense of separation and create a sense of oneness with yourself, your partner/other and all of existence. The body relaxes, the heart opens, and the mind becomes clearer and more focused. When you enter Tantric Flow there is an integration of body, heart and soul. You become ready for a new physical and spiritual experience in which physical/sensual pleasure becomes a celebration of the heart and ecstasy of the spirit.You will learn the basics of Tantric breathing, breathing of elements, discover your Inner Flute (central energy channel), chakra map and ways to connect the pelvis to the heart through the energy body.

Workshop for singles and couples. During tantric puja, you can practice with a partner, or enter into a practice with partner swapping.


Dance on the Poles – the Tantric Art of Polarization

Whether we are single, in a flourishing relationship, or a couple in a transitional period, we seek deep, healing, fulfilling love that leads to a satisfying and harmonious connection full of orgasmic and lasting passion.

Do you know what you truly want from a partner? Why do you attract specific types of partners? What do you need to feel fulfilled in life and in a relationship? Do you know what limits your ability to love or be loved the way your heart longs for?

Come and explore the fundamentals of tantric art of love based on the polarization of masculine and feminine energy. Discover the joy of giving and receiving, the law of sexual attraction, the alchemy of love relationships, and the integration of the sacred in everyday life.

Topics covered:

  • Shiva and Shakti: 2 pillars of Tantra
  • Polarization: the spark between masculinity and femininity
  • Alchemical model of relationships
  • Soulmates: myth or reality
  • Transforming power of desire
  • Creation through the heart

Workshop for singles and couples.


About speaker:

Tantric Sex & Life Coach, trainer with over 18 years of experience. Certified OSHO facilitator and teacher of Tantra and Tantric Massage. She maintains a professional practice of body and breath work. In her work, she focuses on discovering her clients’ potential, as well as healing intimate relationships and sexuality through workshops, individual sessions and coaching. For the past 4 years, she has been conducting the only Professional Tantric Massage Training in Poland certified by The Paths of Transformation (John Hawken) and ASIS (The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists). She also organizes the author’s workshops Awakening the Force, The Power of Women, The Art of Intimacy for Couples and Master Lover, as well as the author’s ECSTATIC CACAO dance events. She is an authorized teacher at international tantra schools The Paths of Transformation, Tantra Woman and Art of Love. In her “previous life” – European manager in a multinational corporation, business coach, MBA holder, as well as actress and president of a foundation and socially engaged theater. Happy and fulfilled in love, work and life.

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