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Jan Górczak

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Sacred Dance - Warrior // Sacred Dance - Feminine and masculine


About workshop:

What if you let yourself be surprised and follow the impulse given by others? To give up control in the movement, let go and flow…? To explore unknown directions, not knowing where they will lead us….

The goal is to experience ourselves.

In the strong, supportive presence of the group, you will be able to experience yourself, looking through others to meet the manifestation of your nature.

Our exercises will take place: in dance, movement and closeness; they will allow you to explore and learn new qualities of your own and other participants’ movements.

In the course of these, we will also discover how to move and what to do to be better understood in movement.

We will experience how to lead in creation and how to be led in letting go and lightness.

We will activate the power at the level of the tribe to see ourselves from the heart space, in non-verbal, responsive contact.

The impulses of our body will take you to a whole new experience, and your nervous system will receive a ride on an experiential rollercoaster.

About host:

Jan Górczak

Dancer, traveler, photographer, DJ. Co-founder of Awaken the Dencer, creative Sacred Dance. Competitor and coach of the 2017 European champions Dragon Boats, with 10 years of experience. Physical Recreation Instructor. From an early age, passionate about dance and various forms of movement development, such as zouk, contact improvisation, crossfit, movement (Ido Portal), intuitive dance. In 2019, invited by the Sopot Dance Theater to participate in the dance performance “TAB’ New Beginning”, which premiered in 2020 on the stage of the theater in Sopot.
For many years, she has traveled the world in search of freedom of body and spirit, photographing, learning and practicing at dance, music and tantric festivals, among others. She is passionate about the diversity of culture and its impact on society, as well as the role and functioning of humans in an organized community. She loves playing complex board games and creating magic in her environment

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