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Karin Lesiak

Topic: Follow the path of joy and start it with laughter yoga



About workshop:

Joy is one of the paths to lasting happiness, and it is important that this path begins in your joyful heart, without waiting for external reasons to laugh. Begin your journey of joy with the yoga of laughter.
Children laugh most often and most naturally, for they laugh from the heart and for the joy itself involving their whole body.
We live in a time when excess stress leads to many diseases. We feel excess anxiety and sadness, a sense of loneliness is unfamiliar. A high level of mental resilience is needed to counteract such conditions, and since we take life very seriously, it’s high time to take laughter seriously as well and introduce it to our body and mind in a conscious manner.
William James (1842-1910) discovered that the relationship of the effect of emotions on the body and the body on emotions.
“We do not have to be happy to laugh, for we become happy when we laugh”.

Laughter yoga is a method that puts this phrase into action, because it assumes that it is possible to laugh without using jokes and regardless of the state of our emotions. The exercises are inspired by children’s play and improvisational theater. In addition, they are combined with breathing techniques. The session is conducted in a group with eye contact, and this makes laughter contagious, natural and spontaneous. Movement triggers free expression of laughter. The method was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995, in India. During the lecture, you will learn about the effects of laughter on physical and mental health and the method of bringing joy into your life. Be prepared for a lecture, laughter yoga practice, smile from the heart meditation and a surprise. Bring along drinking water, a relaxation mat (of your choice) and be..

About speaker:

Laughter yoga trainer since 2013. She completed her teacher training with a certificate from the creator of the method, Dr. Madan Kataria. She conducts trainings, workshops, laughter yoga sessions for employees of companies (the “Smile at Work” program) and individuals. She speaks at many prestigious conferences including TEDx, International Happiness at Work Summit. She has been associated with the Vibrations Festival for many years. Since 2014, she has co-organized networking meetings as part of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum in Targówek (Warsaw) She cooperates with foundations and associations dealing with the elderly, cancer patients (adults and children). Co-author of the online course and Development Journal “I know what I want”.
More than 100,000 people have participated in workshops and laughter yoga sessions and gained smiles and more natural joy in their lives.

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