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Katarzyna Enerlich

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Vibrational Yoga. Let yourself be carried away


About the workshop:

The workshop follows an original program called Vibrational Yoga, which combines fascial work, functional yoga, flow, vibrational gymnastics, spontaneous movement, and intuitive dance. This approach provides ample space for strengthening the body, as well as releasing emotions and reducing stress. It is a holistic practice that focuses on the internal experience.

In terms of the physical dimension, this practice increases metabolism, accelerates fat burning, improves endurance, and enhances muscle strength and tone. The yoga classes are conducted in a diverse manner. The first part of the session focuses on fascial yoga, which involves establishing a connection with the body through specific body manipulations. The next stage emphasizes strengthening and working with movement and muscles, addressing the needs of modern individuals. Subsequently, energy is stimulated through fluid movement, incorporating elements of dance and stretching. The session concludes with relaxation and meditation, allowing participants to connect with their consciousness through breath, heart-mind coherence, and uplifting emotions.

About the speaker:

She is a writer, yoga teacher, herbalist, and advocate for reconnecting with nature. She is deeply connected to the Masurian region – her place of origin and residence, which she vividly describes in her novels. As a yoga teacher, she specializes in academic yoga, dynamic yoga, functional yoga, fascial yoga, flow yoga, and yoga dance. Her classes combine movement, body strengthening, hormone stimulation, music therapy, and meditation, all aimed at raising vibrations.

She leads yoga, cosmetic, and herbal workshops throughout Poland. Through her novels, readers can not only discover true stories from the past of Eastern Prussia and the present-day Masurian region but also explore paths of life closely intertwined with nature.


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