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Laboratorium Pieśni

Topic: world/etno/spiritual/mystic folk music


We invite you to a concert celebrating the music of the World and Cosmos, filled with traditional polyphonic songs of various cultures, as well as the band’s own, intuitive compositions, with dream words, melodies and stories, to the rhythm of shamanic drums, the sounds of nature and the pulse of the Earth.


Laboratorium Pieśni – Song Laboratory (world/ethno/spiritual/mystic folk music) is a women’s group of singers, founded in 2013. The group sings and arranges traditional polyphonic songs: Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian, Polish, as well as Georgian, Scandinavian, Occitan and many others. Songs of the World are performed both a cappella and to the accompaniment of shamanic drums and other ethnic instruments (including shruti box, bells, drums, flute, kalimba, singing bowls, gong), introducing a new arrangement into traditional songs, a space of voice improvisations inspired by sounds of nature, often intuitive, wild, feminine.

Song material follows a specific path from the source: songs are usually brought from various regions of Poland, Europe and the world by band members, then they are developed in the workshop process and during rehearsals, and finally appear in a new version – traditional or enriched, arranged.


The group also created performances in which traditional songs talk about passing rituals, including: “Seasons” (2012), “Empty Nights – Songs that are already ending” (2014).


The band has participated in projects with respected Polish musicians, including: participation in recordings of music composed by Łukasz L.U.C. Rostkowski for the painted film “Chłopi” – the Polish candidate for the Oscar; the project “Czarna Polana” with Kayah and composer Atanas Valkov; participation in album recordings and concerts of “Good L.U.C.K” by the artist L.U.C, participation in the concerts “We chose Freedom” and Urodziny Sopotu, under the artistic direction of Andrzej Smolik, together with other Polish musicians.


Album of Laboratorium Pieśni entitled “Rasti” was nominated for the Fryderyk 2020 award in the “Album of the year – World Music” category. The band was a laureate of the FAMA 2014 festival, where it received the TRYTON AWARD for the Greatest Personality of the Festival. The team is also a Scholarship Holder of the City of Gdańsk in 2015 and 2018.


The band has already visited over 15 countries with concerts and workshops (including the USA, India, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Israel, Iceland, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain). The video with the Belarusian song “Shtoj pa moru” has had over 14 million views, and the group is followed by over 150,000 fans on Facebook.


Voices of the band: Alina Jurczyszyn, Kamila Bigus, Lila Bosowska, Iwona Bajger, Magda Jurczyszyn-Turło, Alina Klebba, Karolina Stawiszyńska-Wiatrow.


The concert will take place on Thursday, July 18

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