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Michał Adam Góral

Topic: Dance workshop


About workshop:

You are cordially invited to participate in a movement workshop with Michael Adam Góral, which will not only focus on a holistic approach to dance, integrating the
Alexander Technique principles, Laban assumptions and Counter Technique elements, but will also allow participants to explore and experience the process of creating

During these workshops we will not only develop technical skills and body awareness, but also the creativity and choreographic skills of the
participants. By combining a variety of movement techniques with elements of the creative process, we will create an inspiring environment for experimentation,
creation and discovery of new forms of expression.

Alexander technique will be a key element of our workshops, offering participants the tools to discover freedom, fluidity and authenticity in movement. Through the practice of eliminating unwanted movement habits and strengthening body awareness, we will guide participants toward greater expression and authenticity in dance.

Laban’s foundations, which focus on movement analysis, spatial dynamics and the body’s relationship to the environment, will also be an important part of the workshop. Through the exploration of various qualities of movement and manipulation of space,
participants will have the opportunity to develop their choreographic skills, discovering new ways to interpret and communicate through the body.

Michał Adam góral

Counter Technique, based on precise anatomy, effective use of the body and kinetic awareness, will be the third pillar of our workshop. By focusing on the principles of balance, stability and movement efficiency, participants will be able to develop their technical skills in dance while keeping their bodies safe and sustainable.

Additionally, the workshop will include elements of choreography, which will allow participants to explore the creative process and develop compositional skills. Under Michael’s guidance, , participants will be guided in the creative process of creating choreography, through experimentation with movement, to the final shape and presentation.

All in all, our movement workshops with choreography elements provide a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding and practice of dance, integrating the principles of Alexander technique, the tenets of Laban and elements of Counter Technique, while developing creativity and choreographic skills.

Michał Adam Góral

About host:

Graduate of the prestigious Codarts Rotterdam University for the Arts in the Netherlands. From 2016 to 2019, he was a dancer and singer with Compagnie THOR in Brussels in the productions “Anima Ardens” and “WaW – We are Woman.” In earlier years he worked with Het Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam, Korzo Theater in The Hague and Derida Dance Company in Sofia, Bulgaria. In Poland to date, he has performed in productions by Zawirowania Dance Theater , Stowarzyszenie
Sztuka Nowa, Caro Dance Theater, B’cause Dance Company, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Test Dance Theater, Komedia Theater, Jan Kiepura Mazovian Musical Theater and Roma Musical Theater. Winner of the Warsaw Choreographic Competition with his work “N°2”. He directed
performances “Waterfallin”, “Bolero”, “Quo Tendis”, “Hippocampus”, “Uncommodum” and the latest premiere performance “BLUSH” produced by the Center for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle. He has performed at many festivals, including: Tel Aviv Dance at Suzanne Dellal Centre in Israel, Festival OFF d’Avignon in France, Sziget Festival in Hungary, Poland’s Re:visions of Art, Mandala Performance Festival, Netherlands’ Parade Festival, CaDance Festival, Grachten Festival, Holland Dance Festival, Lowlands Festival, Belgium’s Charleroi Danses and Brussels Dance. He has created movement for music videos for Ralph Kaminski, Baash, Wishlake, Łąki Łan, several commercials and the PS4 game “Bound,” among others. He has appeared in films – “Bare,” “Under the dress” dir. Alexander Vinogradov, and “Holy Lands.” Directed by Amanda Sthers.

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