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Monika Abrazo

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Temple of Gods & Goddesses // Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Dance Evening


About workshops:

1. Awaken Your Body Temple with Ease & Pleasure

Sometimes we humans tend to take the ’task’ of working on our bodies (as well as our                psyche, hearts & souls) pretty ’seriously’. Pushing ourselves into MORE feeling & opening, bigger cleansings, deeper healings. And this is also OK – sometimes we do need the big ’breakthrough’, opening the wings and jumping from the nest and comfort zone. And what we also sometimes need (even more) is… less self-pressuring into  change, a bit of caressing ourselves & few deeper, loose breaths.

With this morning practice we’ll open the door to sensitivity and wild power of our mysterious temple Bodies, deeply rooted in the Earth, beautifully charged with our emotions, our dreams & desires.

2. Temple of Gods & Goddesses 

Tantric Temple is the space where we come to feel and celebrate the sacredness of our life. And how does it feel to have this taste of the divine??

First and foremost, it can start from acknowledging the divine nature of ourselves and of everything & everyone around us and meeting life from this point, with our deep & tender presence.
As we all arrived to dance this sacred dance of life in this powerful temple of our planet – charged with incredible energies and potencies, waiting for us to play, to make love, make change and get vibrant and nourished with them – if we only dare to reach out for them with our roots, spread the wings & open our hearts, bodies & spirits!!

Let us not suppress our life force any longer. Let us flower and adore the nectar of the gods. Revel and celebrate in the magical mystery of being. Creation is oh so playful in its nature! May we acknowledge this in awe and reverence. Bowing down to the portals between our thighs.

You can bring something (piece of clothe, a flower) for the individual and shared moments of honoring. Come on time – we intent to start and end together, to build the connection and trust within the circle.

3. Feminine Totality – for women

As women, we have an incredible power and wisdom rooted in our deep connection to Nature, her seasons and cycles… and what goes together with it is a very often shamed quality of the feminine – CHANGE! Instead of trying to flatten out our beautiful curves & diverse inner landscapes of spring-like blossomings, fiery eruptions, floods of pleasures & sorrows and autumnal decays…. we can make space for embracing the TOTALITY OF WHO WE ARE. In the fully embodied, wild feminine essence. Mothers, witches, warrioress, lovers and queens. Priestesses and wild animals in-carnated in those incredible vessels of Women’s Bodies! Gathering together to celebrate and meet each other in different faces of our Power.

4. Midsummer Night’s Dream Cacao Ceremony & Last Temple Evening Celebration

Let’s gather for this last feast of Tantric Temple Midsummer Night’s Dreaming, nourished & blessed with the Goddess Ixcacao’s heart-opening nectar of Cacao! Celebrating our aliveness, daring to feel, to live in such intense times. To call back the spirits of the temples where we can meet each other as humans and as powerful, divine dancers & creators. Gathering under the summer sky to dream and manifest our community dreams on the Earth.

About the speaker:

Creatrix of the Wild Devotion. Priestess of the Cacao & Sacred Sexuality in the temples of Nature and those seeded in the moments of soul callings for transformation.

On the everyday basis she lives and co-creates the tantric-yogi temple in the South of Portugal (AGNI WAY Temple in Lagos).

For over 9 years she has been walking the path of healing and supporting people of various psychosexual identities and relational experiences in manifesting their Fullness of Life.

Combining the Tantric, Temple Arts and Shamanic practices with the sexual healing techniques and the tools coming from the trauma-informed therapeutic paths (being a certified Somatic Experiencing and NeuroAffective Relational Model Practitioner and psychosexologist), she offers transformative sessions for individuals and couples, holds workshops and ceremonies in Portugal, Poland & Malta.

She is a certified Tantric Massage Practitioner in the Paths of Transformation school of John Hawken & Freya Wolna. Among others, she also completed the Holistic Massage Training and 3 modules of the Mystery School in the House of Tantra (Poland), Sexual Healing and De-Armouring The Gaia Method DEBST training with Susanne Roursgaard (Holland).

She accompanies in regaining and deepening contact with the Kundalini energy potentialities residing in each Being, as well as in the process of standing in the the full Power.

Passionate about dance, supporting the revival of the tribal cultures and reaching for the stars while remaining firmly rooted on Earth.


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