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Not Another Yoga Studio

Topic: Aerial Yoga


About workshop:

Aerial yoga offers authentic yoga using a soft hammock to explore, refine and develop traditional yoga postures, both in the air and on the ground. At the Aerial yoga practice, you will relax and strengthen your body, find proper posture, and most importantly, get rid of chronic tensions resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

The hammock in aerial yoga has an amazing therapeutic effect, lengthening and relaxing the spine. It makes many difficult asanas achievable for everyone, which, combined with the feeling of fun that the hammock gives, makes Aerial Yoga not hard to get addicted to!

About the trainers:

At Not Another Yoga Studio we combine different styles of yoga, but our specialty is Aerial Yoga. We hold classes in our two intimate, boutique locations in Warsaw’s Mokotow and Bemowo districts. We have been in existence since 2018. During this time we have managed to build a beautiful community. We believe in yoga for people, without pressure, with kindness and respect for people and the world. By taking care of our yogis, we know that they will also carry these values.

We organize workshops and trips in beautiful places in Poland and around the world. Wherever possible we take aerial yoga racks with us and practice in nature.

Our team trains with the founder of the Aerial Yoga method- Michelle Dortignac.

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