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Olga Szemley

Topic: Facial yoga: rejuvenate, relax, heal your face


About the workshops:

Workshop nr 1

Facial yoga: rejuvenate, relax, heal your face

For the past eight years, Yogatwarzy’s pioneering natural anti-aging method of face and neck yoga has been winning the hearts of
Polish women. It offers respect for one’s own unique features and all-around nurturing activities,
which not only beautify, but support health and are often therapy for the soul!
The method, the only one in Poland with a physiotherapy certificate, was developed through 12 years of research into the rituals of
women’s beauty care rituals on five continents, conducted by its creator, Olga
Today we present to you the most effective “gems”:
Firming more than 80 facial and neck muscles with dedicated exercises to make the muscles form an
anti-gravity scaffolding for the skin. The result is a tightening and lifting of all parts of the face,
drainage of puffiness under the eyes, and elimination of tension in the jaw, forehead and temples. Because the muscles do not end
At the clavicles
Apparently, this is one of the most pleasant workshops in the world, if the opinions of its participants are to be believed.
🌱 You are assured of knowing exactly how to perform a facial “workout” and care
tailored to your skin type. Also if it’s problematic!
🌱 You’ll learn about massages that put your face “back on its feet” in minutes, namely Cosmolifting and Gua-Sha

Workshop nr 2


4 beautiful rituals await you
You’ll get materials for your home, but most importantly:
🌱 You’ll never go to bed with a clenched jaw again, only to guffaw later in sleepy desperation.
🌱 You won’t wake up with swollen eyes.
🌱 You won’t have to hide your face under a mask of makeup before a presentation – it will be joyfully
🌱 You will regain the sweetness of a relaxed face and at the same time discover so many sensations….
It will be fun, it will be sensual and therapeutic.
You will find health and beauty without invasive methods.
Skin care megatrends: what do we take and what goes in the trash?
I am also waiting for the gentlemen;)
The best thing is to tie up your hair and wash off the makeup of your face (eyes can stay made up)
That’s all, just – be

About the speaker:

“I want a world where people care not just about their complexion, but about their face as a whole.”
Creator of Yogatwarzy and Yogattractive (Yogatwarzy.com), the only facial yoga and self-massage method in
Poland holding the prestigious FizjoPolska certificate and the only one confirmed by 12 years of
scientific research on women’s beauty rituals on five continents and at
Cambridge University.
Olga has educated a whole generation of precursors of precision facial yoga in Poland and abroad.
Author of more than 60 publications in trade magazines and women’s press, she regularly promotes the idea of
holistic care in the media.
Author of the book “Beauty Rituals. Yogattractive facial yoga”, also translated into
A certified Bikram and Warm Vinyasa yoga instructor, she is an artist and globetrotter.
Her collage-mosaics, repeatedly exhibited in many countries, are also in numerous collections
private collections. They can be viewed at https://www.saatchiart.com/olgaketling
Please visit Yogatwarzy.com, where you can find several hundred instructional videos, a blog, a schedule of
classes, and our exceptionally healthy and effective skin care line.

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