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Phao Sanato

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Awakening the Voice - Conscious Singing Workshop // Live Act


About workshop:

Awakening the Voice – Conscious Singing Workshop

The workshop is based on the author’s method called Conscious Singing Practice which is characterized by a holistic approach to the voice, treating the whole body as a speech apparatus. The Practice of Conscious Singing also takes into account the emotional-spiritual state as an important part of artistic expression, so part of the exercises involves therapeutic work with emotions. Phao draws on techniques from Nāda yoga, classical Indian singing, flamenco, blues, folk, ornamental Persian singing or aliquot singing.

The meeting takes the form of a song circle, where music meets mysticism. Voice work is supported by meditation, deep self-reflection and sensory analysis. In this focus, participants work on vocal emission, deepening their timbre, tuning their voice, and expanding the range of available sounds.

The first part of the workshop includes movement games and physical exercises that help embody rhythm and relax the body. Using intuitive tools, participants work with melodies, rhythm and building vocal harmonies. The workshop will end with a collective improvisation based on a theme relevant to the time and place. During this part, participants have the opportunity to transform their emotions into music and a conscious message.
Instruments are welcome if they come in conjunction with at least basic playing skills. The workshop is aimed at both people who need to open up their voice and people who are already making their music and are looking for an opportunity to practice regularly to stay in shape.

Live Act

A musician in search of new sounds, he combines live instruments with the deep pulse of electronic music. He takes the participants of his performances on an electro-acoustic journey, in which classical Indian chanting will meet with shamanic prayers native to the jungle, and jazzy guitar taken from New York clubs will collide with African and Arabic drums. A low frequency band envelops the deep bass and the synths supporting everything and the cranked up footwork thrill you to dance. The performance has a ritualistic form and its mission is to carry a message of love and a celebration of the miracle that is life.


About speaker:

Music pumps the blood in his veins. Present since childhood, it allows him to decorate time, express emotions and heal the soul. To better understand the laws of nature, he completed a master’s degree in quantum physics at the University of Warsaw and a course in sound engineering at the Sound Realization Academy. He has been working with his voice since the age of seven, when he began his formal education in music school. He graduated from the Krzysztof Komeda jazz music school.
His favorite creative tool is his voice, but he is equally proficient with guitar, live looping, groovebox and keyboards. He has 3 albums to his credit and over a hundred performances in clubs, festivals and on the streets of several countries in Europe, the USA and Thailand. Co-creator of the music of the bands Makiwara (lyrics, vocals, arrangement) and Gaja (guitar, arrangement, composition, production). Since summer 2022, he has been active as a solo artist, collaborating with various artists. His concerts are a ceremonial journey.
He draws inspiration in full handfuls from all four corners of the world, creating his sound at the intersection of cultures. Technically, he relies on vocals, guitar, live looping and electronics, supporting himself with the sounds of nature.


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