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Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Cacao dance


Cacao Dance – a practice of conscious dance, enhanced by hot ceremonial cacao, performance in the form of a DJ set mixing rhythms and cultures of the world.

About workshop:

Polarny is bringing a basket full of musical flavors from the tropics – Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa. He will present a two-hour DJ set in the form of Cacao Dance, a practice of conscious dance, during which hot cocoa (we will give away nearly 2,000 drinks) will raise the vibrations of the heart and fuel the body with streams of vitamins. Dancing is a form of emotional purification, while cacao brings unity and provokes feelings of love – for others and for ourselves. In doing so, Polarny draws on years of experience DJing with practices such as 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Sensorama, Daybreaker in more than a dozen countries around the world. He takes inspiration from shamanic ceremonies, Afro-Latin rhythms, Indian chants. Starting from a meditative state, he gradually raises the energy to sweep the crowd into ecstasy, cutting through it with colorful rays, soon after returning to Earth. A multi-genre mix where cultures blend, rhythm beats with a diverse pulse, electronica blends with folk, while joy plays with melancholy. Are you ready for a journey to the stars and into yourself?

About the host:

Polarny is a music producer, DJ, traveler and promoter. He has lived a nomadic lifestyle for several years, living mainly in Latin America. He has visited more than 55 countries on six continents and circled the globe twice. He created the music label Sound Traveler Records.

With the track “Trip To Cuba,” he won a competition from the British label Ninja Tune Records and the New York-based Dubspot school, where he studied electronic music production twice. In 2020, he released his full-length album co-written with Cuban instrumentalists and vocalists.

Since 2001, he has run a DJ collective and the Pompon Music Foundation. He is the winner of the nationwide competition for the best DJ of the Groove Control agency. A long-time resident of the T-Mobile Electronic Beats festivals.

As an experienced DJ, he creates mesmerizing musical journeys in which electronica intertwines with world sounds. He draws inspiration from Amazonian shamanism, Caribbean and African rhythms, or Slavic folklore. He is a specialist in Ecstatic Dance and dance meditations.

He is responsible for creating the Polska Session project, which aims to present Polish contemporary music. In cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, he created a compilation of Polish electronic music “Don’t Panic Electronic! We’re from Poland!”. In partnership with Polish diplomatic and cultural missions, he has presented Polish music in more than a dozen countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

He has performed with such stars as Dixon, James Blake, Coldcut, Groove Armada, Jose Gonzales, Jazzanova, Digitalism and The Orb. He has played on the Robot Heart stage at the Burning Man festival, in New York clubs, on the beaches of Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America. He is responsible for the musical setting of the Tribal Gathering festival in Panama. He creates musical events for international organizations like Hatch and Hive.

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