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Topic: "The Third Eye of Mr. Kleks"


“Hello Earth. We come in peace, we came to dance…” – With these words the teleportation to a completely different dimension begins. During the first two years of their activity, the band played two tours and turned the heads of not only Polish fans…. At their concert in Lithuania (Yaga Gathering Festival), they warmed up the audience before the creator of the music for the film MATRIX – the band Juno Reactor (USA).




“The Spaceboy Experience”, is a sensual audiovisual journey. The musicians rely on analog synthesizers and organic-acid-electro style.

Heavily danceable, technical, passionate and fun. Live programmed synthesizers combine with the organics of live instruments.

The live narration and innovative approach to vocals maintains a constant level of contact with the viewer’s third eye.

The whole show is complemented by the legendary Mr. Kleks and beautiful actors, dancers and unique set design.

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