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Szymon Bujalski

Topic: Climate crisis: the worst-told story of our time // Falling for what? A world on the brink


About workshop:

  1. Climate crisis: the worst-told story of our time

The climate change story is full of misrepresentations and boring. Full of misrepresentations, because we are constantly misled about the scale of the problem, its causes and solutions. So it’s time to dispel the myths, de-glamorize the reality and show that solutions already exist: from those in the energy system to those in the food system.
It’s boring because there are too many stories about the end of the century, glaciers and greenhouse gases in the climate change story, and not enough about our daily lives in the here and now. If we get serious about the problem, the tangible benefits will come immediately. Not in 2050 in Somalia, but in 2024 in Poland.


2. Falling for the sake of what? A world on the brink

You can often hear that humanity is heading toward the abyss. But are we doing it voluntarily? Or to ask another way: who is more responsible for the climate crisis: my parents, who, having no choice, heat themselves with electricity generated from a coal-fired power plant, or the big energy companies, who do everything to keep it going? We ourselves, because once a year we want to fly on our dream vacation, or the politicians, who for years have been deceiving us by the nose and not keeping their promises? If humanity is heading toward the abyss, it’s only because someone is making money off of it. And it’s time to start talking about it clearly.


About speaker:

Szymon Bujalski – runs the “Journalist for the Climate” profile, which is followed by more than 25,000 people on Facebook and 60,000 people on Instagram. Nominated for the Woyciechowski Prize 2023 in the “Journalist for the Planet” category. Author of the book “Prescription for a Better Climate. Healthier Cities for a Sicker World.” He collaborates with several portals, including Climate Science, OKO.press, Interia, Wirtualna Polska and Onet, and runs the website Earth at the Crossroads. Involved in the topics of climate change, environmental protection, sustainable urban development and animal rights. Privately a vegan who likes to dress in second hand.

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