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Teatr Akt

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The Akt Theater is one of the few, completely independent theater groups in Poland, consistently practicing its original theater. It has been operating in Warsaw since 1989, and in the form of an association since 1991. It grew out of the tradition of the “Polish Pantomime School,” the core of the group being adepts of the Pantomime School established by the Ministry of Culture at the Jewish Theater in Warsaw. The experience of street performances contributed to the actors’ search for new means of expression. The art of mime, gesture, plastic imagery, is supplemented by elements of circus and dance. Inscribed in the poetics of street theater, interactive and happening activities have become an integral part of the performances. The strength of the theater is a close-knit, experienced team of artists with many jointly implemented artistic projects. Outdoor performances, street parades, fire shows, as well as special art projects are presented at theater festivals around the world. Travel is an extremely important part of the company’s activities. The Akt Theater has performed in such countries as Israel, Japan, Turkey, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lithuania and many others, but it always greatly appreciates performing in small and large towns throughout Poland. Parallel to its theatrical activities, the theater is involved in the artistic setting of various special events.

Akt Theater’s current headquarters are located in Warsaw’s Olszynka Grochowska district, where the group presents performances outdoors and on stage, carries out cultural projects, festivals and workshops. It is a truly underground place for creating independent culture on the outskirts of the capital.

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