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Włodzimierz Wieliczkowski

Topic: Taoist inner alchemy and sex yoga


Workshop “Taoist yoga” and the lecture “Taoist inner alchemy and yoga of sex” are in Polish only.

About the “Taoist Yoga” workshop:

During the workshop you will learn and experience what Taoist Yoga is as one of the Chinese practices of the Nourishing Health of Life – a sophisticated system of exercise and meditation that increases energy levels, improves the functioning of organs, harmonizes Qi dynamics, makes the body flexible, integrated and resistant and expands inner consciousness.

The techniques are performed on three levels: physical, psycho-physical, psycho-physical-energetic, thanks to which you learn to feel and understand your body, yourself, others and the world better and better, because as an individual (microcosm) you build a conscious connection with the universe (macrocosm). The deep, very subtle movements of Taoist Yoga will help you experience this reconnection.

The three-level practice is also aimed at strengthening and cultivating the “three treasures” of man: Jing – essence (earth element, vital / sexual energy), Qi – life energy (human element) and Shen – spiritual energy (heaven element).

Particular emphasis is placed on activating Jing, sexual energy, and the lower Dantian area (lower energy center, inside the abdomen, slightly below the navel). According to TCM, this area is connected to the “Kidney” organ network. In the kidneys lies the innate source of life and our vitality.

The second very important property of Taoist Yoga is the correction of the spine and unblocking the free flow in the most important energy channels, so that the stimulated and strengthened energy can flow freely throughout the body.

The workshop will end with a guided meditation.

About the lecture “Taoist inner alchemy and yoga of sex”:

A lecture conducted by an experienced Taoist master, during which the basic assumptions of Tao philosophy and internal alchemy will be discussed, as well as their practical application in everyday life.

Additional meetings in the Movement Zone.

About the speaker:

Włodzimierz Wieliczkowski – therapist and master of Chi Kung, martial arts trainer, master of the North-Tibetan monastery school “Lun Hu Chuan”, Master of the Vietnamese School of De Ngat Kung Fu Kuen Zap., certified naturopath (eastern reflexology, manual therapy, bioenergy therapy, dietology, herbal medicine), graduate of post-graduate studies at the Academy of Physical Education in Kiev, specialization: martial arts and rehabilitation trainer, certified natural therapist (eastern reflexology, manual therapy, bioenergy therapy, dietology, herbal medicine).

Founder of the Taoist School of Conscious Life “TaoArte” in Warsaw.

Many years of practice (over 40 years) including work in the Far East, Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe, the United States, and South America.

A member of the International Association of Professional Complementary Medicine and Healing Specialists, a student of the Eastern Tao Masters, he received a number of Taoist and Buddhist initiations.

For years, he has been popularizing health techniques of the Far East.

Tao, or perfect harmony, unity and union with the universe and nature in its original form, is the basic concept of Taoist philosophy.

Taoist alchemy, in turn, is a set of internal practices aimed at prolonging and improving the quality of human life, while simultaneously approaching the Tao. It combines the Taoist way of seeing the world with cosmology, theories of Chinese medicine, dietetics, meditation, and physical and sexual practices.

The lecture will introduce you to the basic assumptions of internal alchemy, such as: man, his role and place in the universe, energy anatomy, ways and goals of strengthening the energy field, the most important movement practices for energy activation, as well as sexual energy as one of the highest manifestations of our vitality .

At the end of the lecture, a group healing session will be conducted, which will be a demonstration of the discussed methods in practice.

Take part in the lecture and discover the secrets of Taoist inner alchemy!



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