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Green Oasis



Green Oasis powered by Green Djinn, is a zone dedicated to hemp consciousness, where thirsty seekers of knowledge will take a refreshing sip from its source of abundance, and weary wanderers will soothe their senses in the relaxing bliss and joyful atmosphere of benevolent lightness.

At the Green Oasis you will be able to better know and understand the multifaceted nature of the Spirit of this plant, learn about the abundance of its forms of occurrence, use and application, experience its healing Body, Mind and Soul action.

You will hear the story of the history of man’s cooperation with one of the oldest cultivated plants known to our species, in medicinal, religious, mystical, social, nutritional, clothing, construction, paper and transportation contexts, as well as its omnipresence in our culture and that of our ancestors, even during such common holidays as Christmas in the form of Safflower soup.

You will see the opportunities that are currently available to Polish patients using medical hemp, whose safety of use according to the therapeutic index is, as much as 1000:1!

You will see that Hemp is first and foremost a safe and proven medicinal plant based on the number and cross-section of studies on it and its effective use in children, adolescents, adults, mothers and seniors.

You will learn how to obtain a prescription for cannabis for purchase at a pharmacy, as well as how to use cannabis available without a prescription for purchase at specialized cannabis medicine stores.

It will be possible to schedule an individual consultation, qualification for prescription cannabis treatment, or a therapy session with an experienced cannabis therapist.

You will learn how to consciously work with cannabis medicine in the context of supporting healing and growth, properly selecting its forms and dosages to safely and effectively achieve what you care about with it with respect for yourself and the plant, using both its psychedelic and other more accessible everyday nootropic or adaptogenic forms.

You will experience how different disciplines, different worlds, different people are connected by hemp, how hemp art looks and is created, including handcrafted artifacts, paintings or sculptures inspired by its effect, and how much we owe to hemp, how much more you can discover in the hemp universe and how much you can get out of it for yourself.

You’ll learn what it is to heal your relationship with the plant, and how to set an intention and create your own hemp ceremony using the techniques presented in the workshop to work with the mystical energy of hemp in harmony.

You will gain a green understanding of the development of hemp consciousness in Poland and around the world in terms of legislative change, educational development and the creation of hemp professions of the future

You’ll learn simple extraction techniques and methods for processing hemp so that you can make it into a medicine in the form of an oil, functional food, or cosmetic in your own home.

You will understand the benefits of consuming hemp foods, including hemp seeds, which are our native superfoods, much closer to us genetically than chia seeds or goji berries.

You will discover the spiritual-energetic and physical-biochemical dimensions of hemp’s action, as well as its identity and the mutual permeability of these perspectives, in terms of, among other things, the endocannabinoid system present in everyone’s body, whose receptors nature has designed precisely to interact with cannabinoids such as our endogenous Anandamide, or those of plant origin like CBD, CBG, THC, so that we can produce specific beneficial effects, e.g. supporting creativity, improving cognitive function, relaxing muscles, relieving ailments, broadening perspective, stimulating self-reflection or confronting our Shadow.

You will also hear about the properties of hemp fiber, fabric and clothing directly from a Polish artisan who has taken it upon himself to bring a forgotten art back to life.

In the Green Oasis, we envision an exhibition space for specialized hemp brands and an educational and recreational space where workshops, lectures, ceremonies, as well as communal games, relaxation and rest will take place.

Each day of the Vibrations festival at the symbolic hour of 4:20 pm, we will raise the Torch of Love in the circle of hemp consciousness with the intention of gratitude for the aspects of the day, to which we cordially invite you to participate.

Everything will take place in the spirit of respect for hemp medicine, which has been healing us, uplifting us and supporting our development for over 10,000 years!

The Green Oasis zone is sponsored by the recognized brand of natural medicine – Green Djinn Green Medicine. The program and coordination of the zone is personally supervised by Erik Krystian Gontarz, M.D., a phytotherapist, hemp treatment expert, hemp therapist, hemp brand creator and activist, who has been running his natural medicine salon in Lublin for 5 years.

Thanks to Djinn’s presence, you can count on your wishes being fulfilled in the form of wide smiles painted with the help of first-quality flowers, resins, extracts, functional foods as well as a good word, reliable advice and clear translation of the energy transmission of the language of the hemp flower into human.

In addition, in the Green Oasis space you will embrace health in full swing in the form of aromatherapy straight from a medical vaporizer, enrich your collection of artifacts for hemp ceremonies, test certified cosmetics,
you’ll float with a gravity-defying bongo, taste delicious infusions, elixirs, and cannabinoid-infused functional foods, and relax in the shade of the Green Oasis solo, with friends, or family while communing with art inspired by the effects of cannabis medicine.

Once you visit the Green Oasis, the fatamorgan will blur and reveal even more surprises for you….

A carefully selected team of Green Oasis advisors will take care of the pleasure of your experience.

Visit the Green Oasis conjured przez🧞‍♂️Djinn where the joy of your day begins!

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