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Baśnie Ludów Ziemi

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Words Passed Through Generations: Theater of Fairy Tale Teachings and Wisdom


About meeting:

The tales of the Peoples of the Earth are ancient traditional tales from many corners of the world and those that are coming now… they are a mosaic of voice, words, songs, silences and the sound of traditional instruments from distant lands. They contain patterns of beauty from which dreams and worlds are woven. The fairy tale carries learning, wisdom and depth; it revolves around the same unchanging ancient eternal Truth handed down through the generations for man to remember who he is and how to live in harmony on this wonderful earth.

“My tales and songs are a tribute to the Great Mystery at the Heart of All That Is…”

People have always gathered to listen to fairy tales. They sat by the fire and, listening to the words, were transported to other worlds. The art of storytelling is becoming alive again. Encountering Fairy tales for many can become an encounter with the Great Mystery within, an encounter with something that longs to soar free. A fairy tale can give us an unexpected Gift.

About the speaker:

The author of Tales of the Peoples of the Earth- comes from Gdansk, Poland, and was educated in anthropology and ecology in New Jersey and California. She has been involved in storytelling since ” a long time ago”. She draws inspiration from the silence of herself, and the Peoples among whom she has lived (on the reservations of the Lakota tribe in South Dakota, in Mexico, in Kazakhstan, and the steppes of the Tuvin Republic in South Siberia).
She hosted a radio show on Polish Radio New York, 910 AM, “Tales of the Songs of the Peoples of the Earth.” She also founded the Sacred Theater Collective, a theater that staged fairy tales for adults as well as children. Since 2012, Tales of the Peoples of the Earth has been touring Poland.

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Baśnie ludów ziemi

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