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Ola Szerstobitow

Topic: Ostatni piknik (Performance)


About workshop:

The performance , “The Last Picnic” is an attempt to collide the forms of painting, performance, music and dance. It is a dynamic form based on a strong improvisational structure, juxtaposing movement, visuals and sound. “Clever Method” is a workshop method that attempts to inspire action based on imagination and inner potential. During improvisation, both the body of the performer-dancer and the spectator are ”’bombarded”’ with a series of new and diverse impulses. This allows the development of a new receptive tool. Visions, olofactor, taste and sound impulses appear. Our bodies work like well-tuned instruments into which we turn to eventually discover and explore new ”states.” These states help us create and transpose inner, individual qualities, and transfer them to the language of dance, performance, or a stage situation, at which, as in our case, a live image will be created. In this method, we are very interested in the notions of instrumentality and musicality of the body, as well as stage presence. We are close to the qualities of pathos and kitsch, and work based on the ambivalent occurrences of these qualities with the themes of death, pain, transformation and rebirth.

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About the host:

Ola Sherstobitov, an artist and performer, was born in 1979 in Kiev. She has lived in Poland for more than twenty years. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Rzeszow. She graduated from the pantomime school. She creates in various painting techniques. She portrays people, focusing on the intimate relationship with the model. She is the author of numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her works are in private collections around the world.

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