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Kid’s Zone

Topic: activities for children


Every year, the Festival Wibracje is visited by more and more families with children. No wonder, the atmosphere of the event is favorable. And also children up to 13 years of age. they do not pay admission. The organizers are preparing the program so that around 60 children can be actively looked after at the same time. Additionally and independently, there will be a children’s monkey grove, which children will be able to use under the care of their parents.

At the Festival you can expect painting with paints using hands, legs and the whole body, playing with water, clay and sound. We will experience, discover and inspire. Play with shadows, shapes, enjoy the sounds of hitting the dishes with a wooden spoon. Touch, crush, dance, slide, stomp, sing. Read, listen, paint, draw, glue. There will be a tent full of interesting things waiting for you to experience and enjoy each other’s company. There will be different zones where each child will find a place for themselves.

Parents will be able to leave their children at workshops held in two-hour cycles. A detailed schedule will be placed next to the zone and additionally announced from the stage. The kids will be provided with tyvex wristbands with their parents’ phone number written on them.


This year, the Kid’s Zone is divided into three thematic areas:


It is a place of relaxation, rest, chilling out, which can be done with blankets, pillows and pouffes. It will be possible to play board games, xl cards with guardians. In the zone, kids will be able to arrange huge Lego and Lego Duplo bricks, read books, and paint their faces on Wednesday and Sunday 🙂 There will also be a paddling pool filled with rice, small coloring books and large-format cardboard eco-vehicles for folding and coloring.

(Open throughout the operation of the Kid’s Zone)


There will be soap bubbles, integration games, retro backyard games, circus games, animation dances, races, minute challenges, mini disco, games with a scarf and Klanza tunnels, with balls, Bamp blocks and balloons.


Children will fulfill themselves artistically, creatively and dirty. They will glue, thread, paint, color, create, knead, mix and scratch. There will be, among others dream catchers, handmade jewelry, foam-forms and colorful foam, colorful retro bubbles, eco-bags, jewelry box, non-Newtonian liquid and plastic dough.

[PL] Kid’s Zone program:


12-14 hrs. Warm-up. Familiarization and integration games. Mini Disco

14-16 hrs.    Active Zone: Playing with Bamp construction blocks

Art and Creative Zone: Handmade wooden jewelry

16-18 hrs.    Active Zone: Animation and circus games and activities

Art and Creative Zone: Ekobags

Chill and Fun zone is open from 12-18


THURSDAY July 27, 2023 | “BUBBLE DAY”

10-12 hrs.     Morning start-up. Fitness for children. Mini Disco. Integration games.

12-14  hrs.     Active Zone and Art and Creative Zone: Creating retro bubbles, preparing liquid for jumping bubbles, playing with jumping bubbles, XXL soap bubbles

14-16 hrs.     Active Zone and Art and Creative Zone: Playing with soap foam (foam making, foam production, colorful foam, painting with foam and bubbles)

Hours 16-18    Active Zone and Art and Creative Zone: Races with the use of jumping bubbles, competition for the longest bubbling bubble, the largest bubble, smoke and fire bubbles.


FRIDAY July 28, 2023 | “SENSORY DAY”

10-12 hrs.     Morning start-up. Fitness for children. Mini Disco. Integration games.

12-14 hrs.     Active Zone: Games with the use of legs, hands, bottoms, foot boards. Learning about different senorical structures.

Art and Creative Zone: Sensory bottles, 3D Piankolina.

14-16 hrs.    Active Zone and Art and Creative Zone: Sensoplastics.

Hours 16-18    Active Zone: Games with seensoplastic mass, target throws.

Art and Creative Zone: Jewelery boxes.


SATURDAY  July 29, 2023 | “COLORFUL DAY”

10-12 hrs.      Morning start-up. Fitness for children. Mini Disco. Backyard games.

12-14 hrs.     Active Zone and Art and Creative Zone: Balloon Water Battle

14-16 hrs.    Active Zone: Games with an animation scarf, tunnels, balls and a rope

Art and Creative Zone: Balloon ZOO.

Hours 16-18    Active Zone: Games and races with balloons.

Art and Creative Zone: Scratch-up coloring book.


SUNDAY  July 30, 2023 | GOODBYE DAY

10-12 hrs. Active Zone: Morning start-up. mini disco. Animation games.

Art and Creative Zone:  Dreamcatchers

Classes in the zone will be conducted by animators from the Wesoła Góra democratic school.

What’s more for Families with children:

Additional program:


  • Admission up to 13 years old for free (reduced tickets up to the age of 24) You can buy here
  • Changing room and breakfast area on the campsite (table, tent, electricity)
  • Large children’s toilet, showers
  • Friendly, friendly atmosphere; safe environment (we promote drug-free meetings)
  • Diversified gastronomic zone (fruits, nuts, lunches, breakfasts, dinners, drinks, ice cream)
  • Shaded places (zones) to rest from the sun


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